Military Couples Event: Saturday, January 14, 2017

On Saturday, January 14, 20017 I joined about 40 other small businesses and artists to provide an evening of fun for military couples. We were asked to bring something they could learn in 15-20 minutes. So I decided on Keltic Knots. I was fortunate enough to study with Mark Van Stone in the late 80s early 90's. He discovered after 1200 years how the Celts actually laid out their work. He learned this mysterious solution while studying old incomplete documents. His method is easy to learn and moving on to more complex designs is, of course, much more difficult. I took a few photos of people at my booth. I forgot the first couple of hours so the photos are towards the end. Everyone who sat down to learn did very well. I tried to keep the experience at 15 minutes. I visited with several of the couples and found them to be engaging and interesting. It made me thoughtful about my young years as an AFbrat on Okinawa.